Sports Flooring

PVC Sports Flooring

PVC Indoor sports flooring are widely installed in stadiums with Indoor sports facility. in different thicknesses of 4mm, 4.5mm, 6.5mm & 8 mm in vibrant shades The cost of maintenance for PVC Indoor sports flooring is quite low in compare to other flooring solutions. These floorings being made out of 100% PVC, they are water and humidity resident. PVC Indoor sports flooring are easy to repair and long lasting. The most profound characteristic of PVC Indoor sports flooring is that it is safe because it reduces friction caused by heat and injuries caused because of slippage. PVC Indoor sports flooring are multipurpose sports flooring playing basketball, badminton, tennis, ping pong and volleyball. that could be used Indoor for dance studios, aerobics gym, fitness centers.


Some of the features of our PVC indoor sports flooring are:

  • Our PVC indoor sports flooring is vibration free, impact resistant and comfortable
  • It has good load capacity, strength and durability. It can resist heavy usage without wear and tear.
  • Our PVC indoor sports flooring is available at the most competitive rates.

Wooden Sports Flooring

As everyone knows, most sports involves with a lot of high impact activities, which is why playing on a floor that is designed to reduce the amount of impact one have on the limps is very crucial to avoid any unnecessary injuries. Professional sports organizations pay a lot of attention to the floors they are using, simply, because only with a good sports floor system will they be able to minimize their players from injuries. Wooden sports flooring having a total constructed height of 35mm or 75mm with resilient expanded foam or rubber pads for energy absorption & spring action is installed on stable even floor in maple, oak Teak or other species of wood. As per sports federation’s standards. Wooden sports floor should always be protected from moisture & water.

Synthetic Sports Flooring

Synthetic sports flooring is an acrylic 3-coats system for surfacing new or old tennis courts and other sport-grounds Synthetic flooring combines 2 flexible base and intermediate coats, with an anti-skid and wear-resistant top coat. The whole system enables to obtain a Performant playing surface.

Suitable for Tennis court, Basketball, Play Areas.

Gym Flooring

Gym Flooring, which are ideal for gym as they are hardwearing, slip resistant, easy to maintain, aesthetic and quick to install. Further, these floorings offer a cost effective solution to our valued clients as these floorings are easy to clean and highly durable. Also, these flooring offers high comfort and can withstand high traffic. We offer these floorings to our esteemed clients in variety of designs, colors and patterns at very reasonable price.