False Flooring

False flooring is a type of elevated structural floor that is supported by a metal grid and allows cables, mechanical facilities, electrical supplies and wiring to run beneath it. It is generally used in data centers, telecommunication environments, military command centers and modern office buildings. Sometimes there is additional structural support and lighting that allows for a crawl space or walkway underneath.

A raised floor is also a common way to cool a building by using the empty space beneath the raised floor as a plenum chamber to dispense conditioned air.

A False floor may also be referred to as raised flooring, an access floor, OA Flooring, Cavity Flooring, access flooring and a raised access computer floor.

The most commonly used false flooring materials are as follows:

Laminated Flooring System (Rigid Grid Type)

  • Steel cementituos tile is made out of high grade cold roll steel sheets, available in 600 x 600mm, in30mm & 35mm thickness.
  • Top & bottom plate joint with 100 spot welding & cavity is filled with light weight cement for solid load baring capacity.
  • It is coated on all sides with epoxy powder coating for long life. Top finish is with high pressure antistatic laminate.
  • Four edges are cover with black conductive edge beading for conductivity.
  • These tiles are placed on to the steel understructure pedestal & stringer (rigid grid type) at required height.
  • Finish surface is anti-skit for walking comfort & safety. It is fire rated non-combustible material.
  • Available in Different models to suit low & high weight requirements.
  • The system is fully access able & panels can be change anywhere in any direction.
  •  This product is ideal for control room, server room, laboratories, HUB rooms, switch room, UPS rooms, etc…

Bare Flooring System (Corner Lock Type)

This system is the modern concept in the flooring for large high-tech open offices for managing different services (data, power & voice cables, fire pipes, under floor A/c systems, etc…).

The system consists of steel cement tile, steel pedestals & PVC cap.

Panels are made out of cold-roll steel sheets which are punched; spot welded & epoxy powder coating. Inside of panel is filled with formed cement.

Holes are made at four corners for locking the tile to the pedestal with screws from top.

Anti-vibration caps are placed between the pedestal top tile for walking comfort & low noise.